Sunmodule Plus - product information: SolarWorld

Simply outstanding

The Sunmodule Plus impresses with its numerous and clever detailed solutions. Yields and performance have been improved, and installation and use are particularly flexible.

Lightweight, robust, time-saving

Whether you are carrying, lifting, or installing the Sunmodule Plus, handling is easy and secure. The structured, hardened solar glass is thinn, considerably reducing its weight (by 3.2 kg). In combination with the module frame which has a wave-shaped, reinforced profile, the module is particularly robust, and fast and easy to install. 

The ultimate in flexibility

The Sunmodule Plus delivers maximum flexibility for nearly every application. The frame can be combined in many ways with rack systems, and clamping is possible on the short side of the module. The flange that facilitates installation and grounding from the rear offers further flexibility during installation. The Amphenol H4 plug is compatible with all common solar cables.

High-performance and aesthetics

Look forward to more power. The drainage corners ensure high yields. This is thanks to the integrated water drainage concept, which improves the self-cleaning effect. In addition, the cell matrix ensures great performance: Increased spacing between the cells and frame results in improved light yield. The Sunmodule Plus also thrills with its exceptional design.



  • The drainage corner

  • The module frame

    The module frame

  • The rear flange

  • The junction box

Your benefits at a glance

  • Maximum yields thanks to use of highly efficient cells and patented drainage corners for optimized self-cleaning
  • The slender frame profile is 33 mm high and combines the ultimate in aesthetics with complete functionality
  • A lightweight solution with advanced stability, providing a maximum mechanical durability of 8.5 kN/m²
  • Proven resistance to extreme environmental factors: tested resistance to salt spray, frost and hail-proof, resistant to ammonia, dust and sand

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