SUNITED Nations – Solar power for Climate Change Conference

SolarWorld welcomes COP 23 to the solar city of Bonn

When the UN Climate Change Conference opens on Monday, 6th of November 2017, in Bonn, the delegates will be supplied with electricity by the World Conference Center’s solar power system. And before even arriving, the participants may to travel over Germany’s biggest solar bridge. The Kennedybrücke in Bonn has become the “bridge to a new energy era” thanks to the installation of 392 solar power modules above the Rhine. The modules for both systems were produced by the Bonn solar manufacturer, SolarWorld.

Dr.-Ing. E.h. Frank Asbeck, Managing Director of SolarWorld Industries GmbH: “In Bonn sustainable photovoltaic products are developed to supply the world. Today, solar power is the cheapest everywhere available energy source. Actions must follow the international summit in Bonn to give more people access to clean energy.”

SolarWorld supports development projects around the world with its Solar2World program. The company maintains production sites in Freiberg/Saxony and Arnstadt/Thuringia, and internationally advocates the application of clear quality, environmental and social standards to the production of solar power systems.

Under the slogan SUNITED NATIONS, SolarWorld is presenting the importance of solar power in the global energy supply on postcards distributed around the city of Bonn.

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Aerial view of the solar power units on the roof of the World Conference Center in Bonn, „Kennedybrücke“ (Kennedy Bridge) Bonn and SolarWorld Industries head office in Bonn.

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