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More yield from flat roofs

Donnerstag, 02.08.2012 11:27

A new variant of the Sunfix aero, the exceptionally low-ballast mounting system for flat roofs, is now available: the Sunfix aero duo. This new system enables optimum utilization of existing roof space since the solar modules can be arranged in pairs, like a tent, on the roof.

Due to the dual design, the shade distance between the rows of modules is reduced to a minimum, and much greater power can be fit on the roof. In the Sunfix aero duo, the modules are arranged at a tilt angle of 10 degrees and are preferably oriented east-west. As a result, the system achieves a maximum possible energy yield in relation to the existing roof surface. The mounting system is installed without penetrating the roof membrane and forms a stable, static network with a low amount of ballast.

The aerodynamic, wind-tunnel-tested design of the system also ensures that the solar power plant’s behavior in the wind is like a Formula 1 racecar at high speeds: the frame literally presses itself onto the roof. This makes it possible to reduce the point and surface loads that are transferred into the roof structure to a minimum.

The new Sunfix aero duo frame for flat roofs puts more solar power modules on your roof and is attached without the use of screws.

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