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SolarWorld Innovations GmbH
Berthelsdorfer Str. 111 A
09599 Freiberg

Phone: +49-3731-301-1600


By public transportation:
We recommend traveling by train to the train station in Freiberg. From the station, please take a taxi. Should be no taxi outside the station, please call the city’s taxi dispatch (+ 49-3731-355500).

By car
You will find us in the street “Am Junger-Löwe-Schacht” Nr. 2 in Freiberg in the Industrial Park South (Gewerbegebiet Süd). Coming from Dresden on the state road B173, turn left at the 1st traffic light into the street “Hilbersdorfer Straße”. Continue straight on at the first intersection and then turn right going up the hill on the street “Carl-Schiffner-Straße”. At the end of the road turn right and immediately turn left again into the street “Dammstraße” and continue to the traffic light. Here you turn left and immediately left again after the underpass. After about 400 metres, turn left into the street “Ferdinand-Reich-Straße” and turn left when the street ends, entering the street “Am Junger-Löwe-Schacht”.

From motorway A4 (exit “Siebenlehn“):
Leave the motorway A4 at the exit “Siebenlehn” and enter the state road B101 heading towards Freiberg. Follow the road, passing the villages Obergruna, Großvoigtsberg, Großschirma and Kleinwaltersdorf until you enter the city of Freiberg.

Stay on the road B101 (“Leipziger Straße”) and turn left at the second traffic light into the street “Meißner Ring” (heading towards Dresden).

Follow the street until you reach the fourth traffic light at the end of the road. Turn left onto the state road B173, again heading towards Dresden. At the next traffic light, turn right into the street “Peter-Schmohl-Straße” (heading towards Frauenstein).

Follow the street “Peter-Schmohl-Straße” across the intersection (with the street “Frauensteiner Straße”), after which it becomes “Schönlebestraße”. Follow this street for 400 meters and turn left into “Berthelsdorfer Straße”.

After passing through railway underpass, please turn left, remaining on the street “Berthelsdorfer Straße”, and follow this street heading out of town.

After about 600 metres, please turn left into the street “Ferdinand-Reich-Straße”. After about 150 metres turn left again into the street “Am Junger-Löwe-Schacht”.

After about 300 metres, you will see the R&D center (a futuristic building) on your right hand side.

Visitors address:

SolarWorld Innovations GmbH
Am Junger Löwe Schacht 2
09599 Freiberg

Phone: +49-3731-301-1600

The SolarWorld Innovations GmbH

SolarWorld Innovations GmbH (SWIN), part of the SolarWorld Group, bundles the corporate research and development activities and the technological know-how as an interface to both internal and external partners.

We are committed to our corporate vision of harnessing the unlimited power of the sun and creating a sustainable energy supply for over 35 years. Striving to develop innovative, sustainable processes and products according to market requirements, our research and development efforts cover the whole solar value chain from crystallization, to wafer, cell and module production to entire photovoltaics systems in the process.

For an international company such as SolarWorld it is of utmost importance to ensure technological qualitative leadership and create technical advantages in a price competitive market. The technological innovative capacity and the focus on product quality and performance significantly contribute to the competitiveness of the SolarWorld Group.

To provide technology development and technical support as well as to push the further efficiency increase of solar cells and the continuous optimization of our processes for SolarWorld’s production sites around the world, SWIN can rely on its own pilot production lines on a manufacturing scale and operates a high quality test and calibration laboratory for solar modules. It is internationally recognized by VDE Association for Electrical, Electronic & Information Technologies according to DIN EN ISO/IEC 17025 and further certified in DIN EN ISO 9001 and DIN EN ISO 14001.

SWIN cooperates with international institutions from research, science and industry and maintains close collaborations with more than 35 scientific institutes, universities and academies. Since 2007 SWIN has also established an extensive network of suppliers and equipment manufacturers for the evaluation and advancement of processes and production tools.


Dr. Holger Neuhaus

Dr. Holger Neuhaus

Dr. Holger Neuhaus has been Managing Director of SolarWorld Innovations GmbH since January 1, 2009. Born in Frankfurt, he studied Physics at Universities of Göttingen and Hannover from 1992 to 1998. He received his PhD from University of New South Wales in Sydney, Australia, in the field of electrical characterization of solar cells in 2002. Subsequent, he worked as an engineer for solar cell characterization at Pacific Solar. Dr. Holger Neuhaus joined the SolarWorld Group in March 2003 where he was first employed as an engineer for quality assurance of solar cells and later as Head of Quality Assurance, Head of Technology as well as Authorized Representative before taking over an executive role at SolarWorld Innovations GmbH.

Jürgen Stein

Jürgen Stein

Since 2011 Jürgen Stein is part of the SolarWorld family after more than ten years of experience in executive positions in international purchasing. He began his career at SolarWorld AG as Vice President Procurement & Supply Chain Management and since 1. April 2014 has been promoted to Chief Product Officer (CPO) as a member of the board of directors at SolarWorld AG. Additionally, Jürgen Stein who holds a degree in engineering was appointed as Managing Director of SolarWorld Innovations GmbH at the beginning of 2015.


1994 Foundation of Bayer Solar GmbH as a solar wafer manufacturer in Freiberg/Sachsen
2000 Acquisition of the Freiberg production site by SolarWorld AG; Research and Development Department composed
2007 Foundation of SolarWorld Innovations GmbH as a new, independent research and development organization
2008 Construction start for a new technology center with solar cell pilot production lines
2009 Inauguration of the wafer technology center
2010 Inauguration of the Innovation Center in Freiberg/Sachsen
2015 With its PERC technology SolarWorld reaches peak efficiency of 22,04% on solar cells