How does Sun-TV work?

The System

Sun-TV Station

The Sun-TV system is ideally suited to be used in remote areas where ESKOM supply is not available. It is designed to be reliable, maintenance free operation and easy to install. It is pre-wired and only batteries need to be installed as well as the DSTV / PV cables connected.

The cabinet is lockable, to protect the TV and other electronic items. It is epoxy coated in Solarworld colours and divided in various individual sections.

The LCD TV sets have an extremely low energy demand – both in standby and during operation.
The TV can be viewed at any angle without any picture distortion to the human eye.
TV, DVD and the Decoder are operated by means of remote controls for easier viewing.

A Sun-TV system is powered by batteries which are charged by the PV modules.
It allows for 4 hours of continuous viewing per day.

The regulator provides practical functionality and visual display features.


  • Attractive cabinet with double locking features
  • DSTV subscription paid up for 5 years
  • Sony 40” LCD TV
  • PR2020 - LCD Solar regulator
  • 24V – 600W Steca true sine-wave inverter
  • 3120Wh battery backup power @50% DOD
  • DVD and DSTV Decoder with Simcard
  • Aluminium and Stainless steel dish kit
  • Dome light on top of cabinet for nighttime viewing
  • Yellow Satbeeper audio test set for tuning the dish
  • 3 x Remote controls
  • 2 x 24V – 150Wp Sunmodules SW 150
  • Lightning and current protection devices
  • Galvanised sloping roof mounting rails for PV modules
  • Galvanisierte Befestigungsschienen für Solarmodule
  • Stainless steel fasteners and complete installation pack
  • Complete wiring loom for 20m PV and Satellite Dish installation.


Operating Voltage 24V-DC converted into 220V-AC
Batteries 2x12V 260A/H SonX AGM Deep cycle
Inverter Steca sine-wave
Charge controller Steca 24V PR2020 with display
PV modules 2 x 24V SW150W or 155W
TV 1x Sony LCD 40“
DSTV 1x Decoder
Cabinet (HxWxD)in mm 1700 x 1200 x 400
Cabinet empty weight 150kg
Cabinet installed 350kg