Sun-TV Stations

SolarWorld AG is installing its Sun-TV stations in over 35 villages in the southern African countries of Swaziland, Botswana, Lesotho, Namibia and South Africa. Through Sun TV, SolarWorld enables people without access to electricity to experience the 2010 FIFA World Cup in their countries.

But it is ultimately not only about the 2010 World Cup, even if we’re making locals happy,” says the Bonn CEO of SolarWorld AG, Frank H. Asbeck. “Using the Sun TV stations after the World Cup is even more important. Directed by the village elders, the stations will run maintenance-free for years, contributing to training and education for adults and children alike.” Educational films on HIV/AIDS in particular will be shown and will educate people on the risks of the immunodeficiency disease. HIV/AIDS is one of the most acute health problems in the region.

Clean energy from the sun

In addition to contributing to training and education, SolarWorld AG also wants to demonstrate the advantages of solar technology in southern Africa. Diesel generators are often the only alternative for generating power in regions of Africa without power. But diesel is expensive and is becoming even more so because it is imported. And the generators are temperamental, high-maintenance and not exactly environmentally friendly. Sun is always available and free. Using solar power systems pays off quickly – in more ways than one – and the word is getting out.

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