SolarWorld brings the FIFA World Cup to African villages without electricity

Creating enthusiasm, promoting education

Solar-powered, public Sun-TV stations are giving many people access to modern media for the first time. Inspired by the enthusiasm at fan fests during the 2006 World Cup, SolarWorld now wants to bring this same euphoria to South Africa.

The games will be broadcast free of charge, accessible in regions that otherwise have no access to power grids. SolarWorld is installing multiple Sun-TV stations in the run-up to the big event and will ensure their operation for five years.

The villages themselves will protect the stations from theft and vandalism.

Sustainable education and training

After the World Cup, the Sun-TV stations will be able to be used for educational TV, such as teaching the population about HIV. Access to education is important for disseminating information, especially in Africa. Sun-TV is a sustainable solution that connects people – around the world.

Frank H. Asbeck:“For us, it is about more than just short-term fun during the World Cup. We are showing how our technology is a cost-effective tool to help improve everyday life, encourage training and promote education, especially AIDS education. We have been active in Africa for years. Through our program Solar2World we have promoted aid projects and initiatives on site for years, and we will continue to do so even after all the teams have returned home.“

Well-known patrons lend their names

There is much support for the cause to give people in areas without electricity access to education and information and help them to share the excitement of having the Football World Cup in their own country. Well-known patrons are lending their names to the Sun-TV viewing points and are supporting the project.