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The Suntrol Internet portal provides system operators with an overview of all their performance data on a PC or smartphone at all times. Moreover, the monthly and annual yields are recorded and graphically evaluated. And if you use an electronic domestic supply meter, there is an added option for displaying your own energy consumption. This provides a precise overview of how much of your own electricity you have consumed and when, as well as tips on how to increase this amount.

Efficient yield monitoring helps to quickly detect possible deviations and remedy their causes. This enables your customers to recognize any system errors before they receive their bill.

Product benefits

  • Free portal for monitoring yields and the amount of electricity you produce
  • Fault warning system saves your customers money
  • Mobile system monitoring with Suntrol mobile for all smartphones and tablet PCs
  • Option for presenting your own reference systems with the Suntrol portal and Suntrol mobile
  • Free advertisement thanks to individual installers page on the Suntrol portal
  • One monitoring portal for different data logger and inverter manufacturer

Please note that the availability and the features of the described products and offers are specific for each market.