For your roof

Solar power from your roof

Electricity rates historically rise - they could double in ten years. The sun, however, never sends you a bill. That means ten years from now, the solar energy you are collecting at your own home will still be free, while the cost of electricity from your utility will have most likely doubled in price. The amount of money saved with a solar installation varies based on your electricity usage and the solar resource available to you.

In addition, investing in your own roof combats economic crises and opens a 'roof savings book' under favourable conditions: with a solar power system you produce clean energy and thus receive guaranteed returns thanks to the feed-in tariffs specified under the German Renewable Energy Law. Whether you consume self-generated electricity directly on site or feed into the public grid, you will receive payment. Your solar power system thus becomes a 'roof savings book' – assured for over 20 years.

How solar power works

The sun shines where ever you are.

How it's produced - A look behind the scenes.

Solar power glossary - from CO2 to watts

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