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Sustainable engagement

Continuous capacity, sustainable effects: SolarWorld connects economic success with social responsibility and environmental protection and was decorated with the German sustainability prize. Via recycling, the company makes a contribution to a ecologically aware conservation of values and closes its production cycle. Read more


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Quality made by SolarWorld

Customers choose the SolarWorld brand the world over. Anyone who decides on SolarWorld receives top-quality products from a manufacturer which maintains a consistent quality system at all its locations. Fully automated production lines and a complete process and material monitoring system ensures quality in our products. With over 40 years' experience in production, SolarWorld AG has been a leading manufacturer for many years.

SolarWorld modules are certified by standards accepted worldwide, such as IEC und UL standards. Our specifications regarding safety, load capacity and service life exceed requirements specified in such standards and are substantiated by our own extensive test procedures: all materials are tested in cooperation with external institutions before they are approved. Key quality assurance measures include regular performance tests during production, durability tests in our environmental chambers, testing of resistance to ammonia and corrosion tests in salt mist.

Anyone who produces maximum quality can also offer maximum warranties. Together with our 25-year linear performance warranty* for SolarWorld photovoltaic modules und an extended guarantee of ten years, we also offer our customers unique insurance coverage for their solar power systems.