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Our employees are the secret of our success

Developing a leadership culture together

A priority of our 2009 personnel strategy was to position SolarWorld more strongly as a national and international employer. It is only in this way that we can gain the best talents for the group in the competition for qualified employees, and also lastingly retain employees who already work for us. Within the framework of our “Employer Branding Strategy” we have, for example, strengthened our PR and press activities and have thus specifically appealed to potential applicants by way of media reports. In addition, we have increased our presence at the appropriate fairs and exhibitions. Through such internal and external measures we want to communicate our vision and our corporate culture in Germany and in the USA and inspire people with the ideas of SolarWorld.

This is the kind of commitment that pays off: According to a joint study by Manager Magazin and the Berlin trendence Institute of August 2009, SolarWorld is one of young German engineers’ desirable employers. For the four editions of the study, some 25,000 students were interviewed – in the “Engineering Edition”, SolarWorld came in at 15th place as the highest ranking newcomer.

In order to awaken enthusiasm and interest in our young engineers for the future technology of photovoltaic engineering, we continued our higher education marketing in the reporting period. This included an extensive offer of internships, theses and doctorates in our company as well as dialogue with students and professors in the departments of electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, process technology, physics and chemistry. Our cooperation with the “Portland Community College (PCC)” in the vicinity of our US site in Hillsboro was continued in the year under review. In the context of this partnership we support the qualification of “Photovoltaic Technology Associate’s Degree”. We also expanded our support for the MECOP Internship program for the combined universities of Oregon State, Portland State, and the Oregon Institute of Technology. We also continued the excellence program started in 2008 for doctorates in the field of silicon-based photovoltaic technology (“Graduate School of Photovoltaic Technology”) in cooperation with the Technical University and Mining Academy (TUBA) at our German production site in Freiberg. In September of 2009 we also awarded the SolarWorld Junior Einstein award for the fourth time. The award, which carries prize money of € 5,000, goes to young scientists who do their research in photovoltaic technology or related topics. The award winner in 2009 was the young scientist Dr. Thomas Müller. In his doctoral thesis he dealt with amorphous silicon layers for surface passivation and emitter and rear side coatings on crystalline silicon.