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Many people worldwide have already set an example: They produce green energy with visible SolarWorld solar power systems installed on private, industrial and commercial roofs. SolarWorld AG provides system solutions on all continents and for virtually every type of roof. Read what our customers have to say and join the solar power offensive.

Private solar power systems

Thousands of families are already convinced. Find out how a SolarWorld solar power system can also change your life.

Privat solar system: Family Penders

»Solar power has made our whole family much more energy-conscious«

Location: Southampton, England
Activation: 2011
Performance: 1,96 kWp


»New strategy for old farm house«

Location: Nottinghamshire, England
Activation: 2010
Performance: 9,8 kWp

Commercial solar power systems

A green image and significant savings are only two of the many competitive advantages which you as a business person will gain with a solar power system from SolarWorld AG. Read what our customers are saying and how you can profit from a SolarWorld solar power system.


Company: d.velop AG
Location: Gescher, Germany
Activation: 2010
Leistung: 33,75 kWp

Company: Mutual savings bank Euskirchen
Location: Euskirchen
Activation: 2011
Performance: 186 kWp

Company: Michon Ltd.
Location: Radcliffe-on-Trent, England
Activation: 2008
Performance: 9,8 kWp


Company: West Bridgford Library
Location: Nottingham, England
Activation: 2013
Performance: 25 kWp 


Company: REWE Schäfer oHg
Location: Niederkassel, Germany
Activation: 2006
Performance: 100,13 kWp

Company: Trago Group of Companies
Location: South Devon, England
Activation: 2013
Performance: 938,5 kWp

Community centers

Community: FC Bergheim 2000 e.V.
Location: Bergheim, Germany
Activation: 2011
Performance: 24,64 kWp

Community: Common seal station national park house
Location: Norden, Germany
Activation: 2010
Performance: 29,925 kWp


Company: WeberHaus GmbH & Co. KG
Location: Rheinau-Linx, Germany
Activation: 2011
Performance: 950 kWp


Company: Hotel & Restaurant am Ahrbogen
Location: Ahrbrück– Pützfeld, Germany
Activation: 2011
Performance: 13,11 kWp