Solar power for schools


Elem. school in Grünkraut


Elementary school in Gruenkraut

Pitched roof mounting system
Power: 24.68 kWp
Module type: SW 235 poly
Installation: May 2011
CO2 savings: Ø 17 tons/year

Elem. school in Burbach


Elementary school in Burbach

Pitched roof mounting system
Power: 29,70 kWp
Module type: SW 220 poly
Installation: May 2011
CO2 savings: Ø 13 tons/year

Sec. school in Achental


Elementary school in Achental

Pitched roof system
Power: 74,75 kWp
Module type: SW 230 poly
Installation: June 2010
CO2 savings: Ø 59 tons/year

Let the sun into your school

Investments need to be sustainable and oriented towards a livable future, particularly if they are adopted as part of an economic support package. This is why SolarWorld is providing support for solar power systems on schools and kindergartens in the form of a special Solar Premium of up to 2.000 € (including VAT). It is most important that students start getting involved in modern power generation during their school education. Moreover solar power systems provide reliable earnings for schools and kindergartens on a sustained basis that can be used for important expenses and investments.

Experiencing solar power

Do not only produce solar power, but experience it. In order to visualise the energy having been produced with the sun, schools receive a free communication package consisting of a display panel, a data logger and the access to the Suntrol-Portal, thus enabling students to see how much power is generated on their school roof and how much CO2 is saved as a result.
Students can check the current output from their solar power system from the free display in their school yard, on a PC or via today’s modern smartphones at any time, every day. In addition SolarWorld provides educational information and material for schools to incorporate into their respective lessons.

Frank Asbeck

"With our support package, we are seeking to initiate measures to ensure a better future. Education and solar energy supply are an optimum combination in this respect. With our Solar Premium, we are offering schools the opportunity to use the feed-in-tariffs as an investment in the future"

Dr.-Ing. E. h. Frank Asbeck
CEO of SolarWorld AG

The bank book for your school

Any school in Germany that generates clean solar power on its roof will benefit from feed-in tariffs guaranteed for twenty years by the German Renewable Energies Act. This enables schools to gather revenue year after year which can be used to set up new investments and make important expenses.

Contribute to climate protection

Fossil fuel reserves are coming to an end. CO2 being produced as a result from such sources, damages the climate on a global basis. Therefore environmental and resource issues should be part of any school program to develop both theoretical and practical knowledge. Energy from the sun will be one of the core elements in the future and global energy supply. Free of charge the sun’s power is sufficient enough to cover global power requirements 3,000 times over. Why not use it?