The SolarWorld Stock

The SolarWorld stock

Master data

Name SolarWorld AG
ISIN (International Security Identification Number) DE000A1YCMM2
WKN (Wertpapier-Kenn-Nummer) A1YCMM
Token SWVK
Market segment Regulated Market
Transparency level Prime Standard
Capital stock 14,896,000 Euro
Numbers of shares 14,896,000
Begin of listing 11/08/1999

Shareholder structure

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Dividend overview

Business year Cash dividend per share in € Date of payment
2014 0.00 --
2013 0.00 --
2012 0.00 --
2011 0.09 05/25/2012
2010 0.19 05/25/2011
2009 0.16 05/21/2010
2008 0.15 05/22/2009
2007 0.14 05/23/2008
2006 0.20 05/24/2007
2005 0.50 05/24/2006
2004 0.36 05/25/2005
2003 0.18 05/26/2004
2002 0.18 05/27/2003
2001 0.35 05/28/2002
2000 0.30 05/29/2001