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Our employees are the secret of our success

Exctract of the Annual Group Report 2009

Securing sustainable growth with strategic personnel management.

The right personnel strategy helps us to achieve our ambitious corporate objectives. The major components of this strategy are the qualitative and quantitative expansion of employment in relation to our group growth. By investing in the qualification of our employees we develop and maintain the existing know-how in the company, optimize our internal processes and, at the same time, open up individual career perspectives. New recruitments will help us gain additional people to enable us to expand our production on a broad basis and to inject new ideas into the solarworld Group. Both of these things taken together create a sustainable basis for our planned growth and guarantee safe jobs for our employees in the future.

We created 175 new jobs group-wide in the reporting period and thus increased the number of employees by ten per cent in comparison with the previous year. As at 31 December 2009 solarworld had a total of 2,000 employees on its payroll. The proportion of female employees grew to 22 (previous year: 19) per cent.

New recruitments were mainly made in the areas of Production, Research & Development and International Sales as well as in central group functions such as Controlling, Accounting, IT, Human Resources, Procurement, Technical Service, Logistics and Marketing.

In Germany, the number of employees increased by twelve per cent to 1,341 (previous year: 1,198). In the USA, also, the strategically important market of the future, we upped our workforce. The headcount there rose by 6 per cent to 644 (previous year: 609). Staff fluctuation increased in the year under review and amounted to a group-wide figure of 9.3 (previous year: 3.6) per cent. This was mainly attributable to restructuring measures at our US sites. In Camarillo, California, the legacy module line was taken out of service in the first quarter of the year and a new, highly efficient line was commissioned. In Vancouver, Washington, the production facility was refocused in the first quarter to the reprocessing of silicon material. At these sites, we employed less people. In Hillsboro, Oregon, on the other hand, we created an additional 124 regular employment jobs. The absenteeism rate in the solarworld Group amounted to 3.4 (previous year: 2.5) per cent. As far as the other recorded social service indicators such as health protection are concerned, we refer at this point to the integrated Report on sustainable corporate managent /Social service indicators.

Assuming responsibilty - creating training opportunities

In the year under review 86 (previous year: 83) young people received qualified vocational training at the German locations of solarworld. The training rate was 6 (previous year: 7) per cent. In 2009 we took on 21 (previous year: 26) new trainees/apprentices. In addition, we offered 9 (previous year: 8) young people an opportunity to start a practice-oriented sand wich course on “Industrial Management”. In the reporting period we gave 61 (previous year: 64) per cent of the trainees an employment contract after they had passed their final examination.