Roof savings book

Germany, a sunny country

Solar power systems are profitable nationwide: Up to 1,200 kilowatt hours of solar energy can be gained in Germany per square metre yearly. Highly efficient solar power systems of SolarWorld work effective and clean. You can gain good earnings even without direct sunshine.

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Safeguard your future with a profit-making system

The sun produces yields on a daily basis without fail.

Invest in your own roof to combat economic crises and open a 'roof savings book' under favourable conditions: with a SolarWorld solar power system you produce clean energy and thus receive guaranteed returns thanks to the feed-in tariffs specified under the German Renewable Energy Law. Moreover, income is guaranteed for 20 years, irrespective of economic trends.

Rely on energy with a future

The power of the sun is inexhaustible and provides clean electricity. With your solar electricity system, you are making a contribution to a secure CO2-free energy supply. You thus safeguard the environment while also providing for future generations.

"Our solar power system from SolarWorld is our own roof savings book. The sun gives us energy and the solar power system transforms it into a secure income."

Stefan Paffenholz, architect

An investment which really pays off

Solar electricity producers can expect a good return on investment. A benefit for the householder and for the environment – the CO2-free energy supply helps to ensure a secure future and thus sets the course for future generations.

A system with a whole range of benefits

Besides regular income, electricity producers also benefit from attractive tax advantages. A solar power system is deductible over twenty years and claims can also be made for a refund on VAT paid on the construction phase for the month when the system is installed. Tax claims can also be made on any repairs or maintenance.

Cleverly combined - optimally invested

Before you invest, you should seek professional advice based on your individual needs, since an optimum combination between investment, financing, operating costs and profitability will decide how effectively your solar power system pays off. Tax advantages and feed-in tariffs under the German Renewable Energy Law also play a decisive role.

Harvesting the sun

There are new feed-in tariffs as laid out by the Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) as of May 2014. The table below lists the currently valid feed-in tariffs.

Installed system capacity
up to 10 kWp
up to 40 kWp ¹
up to 1.000 kWp ²
up to 10 MWp
as of Feb. 1, 2014 13.55 12.85 11.46 9.38
as of Mar. 1, 2014 13.41 12.72 11.35 9.28
as of Apr. 1, 2014 13.28 12.60 11.23 9.19
as of May 1, 2014 13.14 12.47 11.12 9.10
as of Jun. 1, 2014 13.01 12.34 11.01 9.01
as of Jul. 1, 2014 12.88 12.22 10.90 8.92

¹ Starting on January 1, 2014, 90 percent of the electricity generated receives the payment. The remainder is consumed directly or sold to the free market.
² Starting on January 1, 2014, 90 percent of the electricity generated receives the payment. The remainder is consumed directly or sold to the free market.


Starting May 1, 2014, the amount by which the feed-in tariff is reduced each month will be adjusted every three months, and will depend on the newly installed PV capacity from the previous three to 12 months. The maximum annual reduction in the feed-in tariff is capped at 29 percent.

The more self-generated electricity you consume yourself, the greater your extra revenue is. You can achieve a 60% share of self-generated electricity consumption through wise energy management by switching on consuming appliances in a specific way: SolarWorld can provide you with suitable technical solutions for such a purpose.

You can find further information on optimising the share of your own electricity you use, along with a table detailing all feed-in tariff rates.