Function of a solar system

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How energy gets produced from the sun

You can consume your solar energy or save it in the public power grid. In many countries one gets an extra allowance for the solar energy that one consumes directly in the house instead of saving it in the public power grid.

The future is smart and independent

Experience in this film how you too can live independently with a solar system from SolarWorld.

Morning: 100% of consumption from on-site generation
The solar power system generates electricity. This covers all the house's energy needs.

Midday: On-site generation consumed and battery store charged
Initial solar generation is consumed on-site; excess generation os stored in the battery system.

Late afternoon: On-site generation used and fed into the grid
If the battery store is full, any excess is fed into the grid.

Evening: On-site consumption from solar system and battery store
If on-sity electricity demand exceeds supply from the solar system, the shortfall is met by the battery.

Late evening: On-site consumption from battery store
On-site consumption is drawn from the battery store

Night: consumption from the grid
If the battery store is empty, any electricity consumed comes from the grid. The backup function in the battery system provides spare for selected loads in case of a power cut.