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A really good decision: SolarWorld

Real tested quality – MADE BY SOLARWORLD

Before we install our products on your roof, we put them through extensive tests that go far beyond prescribed standards. Our products are also regularly inspected and certified for safety, reliability and longevity in independent tests – such as PV+Test – where we always achieve the best scores. You benefit because your solar power system generates clean energy safely and reliably, with high output and low maintenance, for decades.

It is as simple as it sounds: SolarWorld quality is the best buy in the long run.

A really reliable partner – with decades of experience

For over 40 years, we have been experts at producing solar energy. All our products incorporate this expertise and our high quality standards.

Alongside the highest possible quality, we place a high value on knowledgeable and customer-friendly service. We always offer personal consultation along with professional planning.

Really optimal complete solutions – for every roof

With our SolarWorld kits, we always have the right solution for your home, whatever the type of roof. Our kit is planned according to your individual wishes, your energy usage and local conditions.

As well as the solar power system components, we also give you two years free insurance along with detailed system documentation.*

In addition, you can monitor your electricity usage and the yields from your solar power system in real-time using our Suntrol products – even while on the move.

Really customer-friendly extras – always innovative

Every SolarWorld kit comes with two years free insurance and a 25-year or 30-year linear performance guarantee, because we promise you the highest possible quality with our products.*

Our system ist always future-oriented. We offer a storage solution that you can either install at the same time as your SolarWorld solar power system or retrofit afterward. Use more self-produced power in your own home and cut your electricity bills even further. And if you decide to fit a heat pump later on, the necessary interfaces are guaranteed to be available.

Our Suntrol products make it really easy to monitor your system and its yields. Track the output of your solar array and compare its performance with other systems in your neighborhood using the free Suntrol portal – even while on the move by using the Suntrol app. Things get even more exciting with our Suntrol eManager app – Suntrol eManager is an intelligent energy management and distribution system in the home for even more efficient use of your self-produced power.

Real sustainability put into practice – from the very first day

Sustainability and SolarWorld have always gone hand in hand. Our products are ecological, safe and produced in a socially responsible manner, and we are committed to environmentally friendly power generation around the globe.

We sponsor solar aid projects such as Solar2World in poorer regions to help ensure a fair energy supply for the entire world. Awards such as the German Sustainability Award, “Sector Leader” in the Carbon Disclosure Project, and the “Green Brand” and “Change Maker” awards repeatedly affirm that we are on the right path.

* Complimentary two-year kit insurance and the Sunpass are included in selected countries.