Special insurance for solar power systems

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Overview of your benefits

  • Special insurance for all newly installed SolarWorld kits
  • Optimum coverage for your photovoltaic investments
  • Choice of insured period: two or five years
  • No minimum premium
  • Buildings with a higher risk of fire, such as barns and livestock sheds, not excluded
  • Insurance coverage expires automatically once the selected period comes to an end

Our Special insurance

For your solar system

In cooperation with the ERGO Insurance Group, SolarWorld offers a comprehensive, free insurance package for its solar power construction kits. This special insurance* is an integral part of SolarWorld kits if the system owner wishes. It is a combined insurance covering all risks, breakdown, minimum yield and construction risks and offering maximum protection for the system operator's investment. Typical risks such as fire, storm, theft and electrical surges are covered by the all-risks insurance, for instance. If the solar power system is unable to feed electricity due to physical damage, the business interruption insurance covers revenues lost on power feed-in for the duration of the breakdown. Coverage can be provided for the manufacturers ABB, Bosch, Enphase, Fronius, Kaco, Kostal Schneider, SolarEdge and Steca through the kit insurance policy where SolarWorld did not deliver these products.** Insurance coverage is provided free of charge for two years. The customer has the option to extend the period to five years on paying a favourably priced renewal premium. Once the insurance term comes to an end, the insurance policy expires without a separate notice of termination.

Easy and uncomplicated

No complicated insurance forms, no detailed application formalities***. If desired, the insurance policy is included in the purchase of a photovoltaic system. The details have already been negotiated in advance between ERGO Versicherung AG and SolarWorld AG and bundled together in a convenient, comprehensive insurance package. The insurant is SolarWorld AG – the customer is included as part of the master agreement and is the recipient in the event of damage or loss. This saves time on complicated research and negotiations.

Overview of coverage

This insurance coverage is an optional, integral part of Solarworld kits.
You receive your insurance document with your Sunpass, the SolarWorld system documentation. The following indemnifications are covered:

*The information above is valid for Germany. A special insurance is also available for Italy, France, Spain, Benelux, UK and Austria. Please note that the general terms and conditions for the insurance are specific for each market.
**Kit insurance does not apply for kits which contain a storage unit / inverter combination.
*** Requirements for the insurance: All details regarding the installer and system operator must be included in the documentation at the time the order is placed. A subsequent order is not possible .

All-risks insurance

All-risks insurance

Insurance protection exists for SolarWorld's complete SolarWorld kits photovoltaic systems. Coverage is provided for unanticipated physical damage and loss of insured property due to theft, burglary, robbery or pilferage.

Insurance covers in particular damage caused by:

  • Handling error, clumsiness or malicious intent by third parties
  • A short circuit, excess current or an electrical surge
  • Failure of measuring, regulating or safety devices
  • Insufficient water, oil or lubricant
  • Excess pressure or low pressure
  • Fire, lightning strike, explosion
  • Water or damp
  • Storm, hail, frost, ice drift, flooding or snow load
  • Damage caused by animals

Payments in the event of damage or loss

In the event of partial damage or loss, the necessary costs for repairs are reimbursed while the costs of a replacement are provided in the event of total loss (replacement value coverage). The applicable deductible is €250 per claim.  Additional benefit for you on contracting five year's cover: the deductible is waived in the all-risks insurance for the first loss or damage after the third year without any loss or damage claims.

The following costs are also insured without a deductible to the value of € 20,000 each time in the event of loss:

  • Debris removal and disposal costs
  • Transport and security costs
  • Costs for creating emergency access roads
  • Costs for ground work, plastering work, masonry and caulking, scaffolding, salvage work, provision of a temporary solution, air freight
  • Costs for dismantling
  • Costs up to €5,000 for repair work on roofs or façades due to damage.

Business interruption insurance

Business interruption insurance

The insurance policy for SolarWorld kits also guarantees compensation for lost income for electricity feed-in if the photovoltaic system cannot be used when it is halted or affected due to physical damage or loss.

Compensatory payment is made from the first day of loss for a maximum of one year and is calculated as follows:

  • April 1 to September 30:
    output in kilowatt peak x € 2 x number of lost days
  • October 1 to March 31:
    output in kilowatt peak x € 1 x number of lost days

Reduced yield insurance

Reduced yield insurance

Reduced yield insurance is a unique type of extended cover. This comes into force if the annual energy yield predicted in the yield forecast is more than 10% below the forecasted amount due to lower insolation.

In such a case, insurance covers 90% of the forecast value. The compensatory cost is limited to 50% of the forecasted annual energy yield according to the yield forecast.

Construction Insurance

Construction Insurance

The insurance package offers another special type of insurance covering construction risks. This provides insurance protection during the installation phase for a maximum of three months.

Compensation is paid on construction risks insurance for physical damage or loss due to:

  • Fire, lightning strike, explosion, crash or impact of an aircraft, its parts or cargo.
  • Storm or hail and loss as a result of theft of insured components firmly attached to the building and theft due to burglary of insured items stored under lock and key.

Requirements for the insurance

  • All details regarding the installer and system operator must be included in the documentation at the time the order is placed. No subsequent ordering possible.