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Continuous capacity, sustainable effects: SolarWorld connects economic success with social responsibility and environmental protection and was decorated with the German sustainability prize. Via recycling, the company makes a contribution to a ecologically aware conservation of values and closes its production cycle. Read more

Quality made by SolarWorld

Customers choose the SolarWorld brand the world over. Anyone who decides on SolarWorld receives top-quality products from a manufacturer which maintains a consistent quality system at all its locations. Fully automated production lines and a complete process and material monitoring system ensures quality in our products. With over 35 years' experience in production, SolarWorld AG has been a leading manufacturer for many years.

SolarWorld modules are certified by standards accepted worldwide, such as IEC und UL standards. Our specifications regarding safety, load capacity and service life exceed requirements specified in such standards and are substantiated by our own extensive test procedures: all materials are tested in cooperation with external institutions before they are approved. Key quality assurance measures include regular performance tests during production, durability tests in our environmental chambers, testing of resistance to ammonia and corrosion tests in salt mist.

Anyone who produces maximum quality can also offer maximum warranties. Together with our 25-year linear performance warranty* for SolarWorld photovoltaic modules und an extended guarantee of ten years, we also offer our customers unique insurance coverage for their solar power systems.

DLG ammonia resistance certificate for SolarWorld modules

DLG ammonia resistance certificate for SolarWorld modules

SolarWorld modules are also suited for use in agricultural businesses.

During a patented test, the German Agricultural Society (Deutsche Landwirtschafts-Gesellschaft e.V. or DLG) has tested and verified that SolarWorld modules offer resistance to ammonia on farms where livestock are kept. The test was carried out as a laboratory test in compliance with the DLG test standard for photovoltaic modules used on agricultural premises and demonstrates that modules can resist the effects of air in livestock sheds to ensure a service life of at least twenty years. The Swiss SGS testing institute had already demonstrated resistance to ammonia in SolarWorld photovoltaic modules in earlier tests. Ammonia is a common, harmful by-product emitted into the air on agricultural premises. These emissions can speed up the ageing process in modules. Ammonia resistance in SolarWorld quality modules ensures energy yield and, consequently, maximises profit for the system operator.

SolarWorld photovoltaic modules have met all DLG requirements and test criteria. You can find see the findings in detail here.

The detailed test reports are available for download in PDF format:

Report no. 5940F Photovoltaic module Sunmodule Plus SW 2xx mono (220-245 Wp) in german only.
Report no. 5941F Photovoltaic module Sunmodule Plus SW 2xx poly (214-235 Wp) in german only.

SolarWorld rated as 'very good' - Öko-Test tries out photovoltaic modules

SolarWorld rated as 'very good' - Öko-Test tries out photovoltaic modules

The consumer magazine Öko-Test rated SolarWorld's polycrystalline photovoltaic modules Sunmodule Plus SW 225 poly as 'very good' in its May 2010 edition. In cooperation with the Photon test lab, the magazine examined a total of 17 monocrystalline and polycrystalline solar panels made by German and foreign manufacturers with regard to their performance. Detailed information (in German) regarding the test and all the findings can be found in the current edition of 'ÖKO-TEST Ratgeber Bauen, Wohnen Renovieren' and online at:www.oekotest.de

SolarWorld offers 25-year linear performance warranty

SolarWorld offers 25-year linear performance warranty

The most comprehensive performance warranty in the sectorwith its new linear performance warranty*, SolarWorld is the first company in the sector worldwide to break new ground. The usual warranties available on the market only offer a guarantee of performance based on a sliding scale; for example, 90 per cent of lower nominal output for the first ten years and 80 per cent as from the eleventh year. In comparison, SolarWorld assures consistent performance for all photovoltaic modules installed from January 1, 2011.

A minimum level of performance is established for SolarWorld modules on a yearly basis for a period of twenty-five years. if a module does not reach this level, it is replaced or upgraded. SolarWorld also offers a ten-year, extended product warranty* regarding system operability.

The following warranties are valid for all SolarWorld modules installed as from January 1, 2011:

  • Ten-year, extended product warranty*
  • 25-year linear performance warranty - 97% of nominal output guaranteed for the first year, a maximum reduction in output of 0.7% each year thereafter.

You can read further information on the new linear performance warranty here.

* 25-year performance warranty according to the valid SolarWorld service certificate issued on purchase. You can find detailed information on our service certificate..

Our commitment - Our certifications

Our commitment - Our certifications

Sustainable products must be produced using sustainable processes. SolarWorld AG is committed to the introduction of tough environmental and labour protection standards and calls for them to be applied throughout the solar energy sector. Such measures include transparency and regular inspections, certification according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 at all stages of the value chain and mandatory recycling of modules.

Compliance with the United Nations Global Compact principles also needs to become a matter of course in the solar energy sector. SolarWorld is the only German solar industry company to date to participate in this corporate citizenship initiative. It undertakes to combat child labour, forced labour and corruption, and promote human rights, employee participation and a responsible approach to the environment.

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