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High performance system

Flexible and easy to install – Suntub flat roof mounting systems are perfect for installation on flat roofs with inclines of up to 6°, for example on office buildings or bungalows. They allow the modules to be optimally tilted towards the light striking the surface.

The modules' superb rear ventilation ensures even better performance. Suntub systems supply a total of about 3% more output than conventional flat-roof tub installation systems. In addition, they come with a 10-year parts warranty, so you can count on quality over the long term.

Setting up the Suntub on the roof is easy. It is merely weighted down and then equipped with the solar module. Lightweight profiles integrated into the Suntub are used to attach the modules. The solar modules are mounted to these profiles using head bolts and aluminum clamps for easy assembly.

Optimum design

Clean and consistent energy supply – the Suntubs developed and designed by SolarWorld engineers are highly durable and have a lighter design. The aerodynamic design and larger contact surface reduce superimposed load to a minimum.

The systems can be easily connected to one other providing improved ballast. Thanks to their intelligent design, no additional wind-force certification is required at any location.

Suntubs are also sustainable: They deliver higher solar energy output and, because they’re built from environmentally-friendly, easily recyclable plastic, HDPE, they promote a positive environmental balance overall.

Quick installation

Simply straightforward: Ideally synchronized components from SolarWorld simplify assembly and assure fast and efficient installation. Installation of Suntubs does not require any penetration of the roof membrane or ground covering.

The units can be flexibly fitted with a variety of module types, e.g. the Sunmodule Plus from SolarWorld. Beside the extremely resilient Suntub flat roof mounting systems, SolarWorld kits include high-performance modules and inverters, and are pre-assembled to suit each customer’s individual structural needs.

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