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The ideal solution for flat roofs

With the Suntub mounting system, SolarWorld introduces the optimum solution for installation of photovoltaic modules on flat roofs. The Suntub is assembled on the flat roof and does not require any penetration of the delicate roof membranes or floor covering.

The ideally curved form of the Suntub also creates additional free space, allowing for optimum rear ventilation of the photovoltaic modules. This assures ongoing performance and efficiency of the photovoltaic modules.

Minimum load

The aerodynamic design reduces the flat roof system’s superimposed load to a minimum. For it to be able to withstand various different wind loads (wind load zones 1-4), the Suntub can be weighted down with pavement slabs and gravel. Alternately, the system’s stability can also be assured by connecting several Suntub mounting systems to one another.

The ideally synchronized SolarWorld AG components facilitate and shorten the assembly process, making installation not only professional but also straightforward.

Suntub: 100% environmentally friendly

As a company dedicated to the principle of sustainability, SolarWorld AG even goes as far as to assure that the materials they use are very environmentally friendly. The Suntub mounting system is made of HDPE recycling material and is, as a result, 100% environmentally friendly.

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Product benefits


  • Small number of individual components for very fast installation
  • Reduced ballast load and minimized roof loads through aerodynamic features
  • No penetration of the existing roof membrane or floor covering
  • Extremely stable thanks to a special profile that withstands wind and snow loads
  • Great module yield thanks to optimum shape and excellent rear ventilation
  • Easy to transport and install: Low dead weight, the plastic elements can be easily stacked and the aluminum profiles feature a proven clamping technique

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