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The integrated energy management system

The Suntrol eManager is the SolarWorld system for monitoring and intelligent distribution of energy in the home. With the Suntrol eManager, users can see at any time how much power their solar power system is producing or how much energy is required in the house. The eManager hardware is inconspicuously installed in the house distribution box. All data can be viewed online via the Suntrol Portal by means of PC, tablet or smart phone, and in the internal home network. Additional elements can be retrofitted individually and the application range of eManager can be extended with a variety of apps.

Particularly clever: If you connect your heat pump to the Suntrol eManager, you can also utilise cost-effective solar power for heating and increase the amount of power you use yourself. So you can look forward to increased independence and lower electricity costs.

Product benefits

  • Time and cost savings due to easy commissioning and minimal configuration
  • Allows an intelligent combination of PV and heating systems
  • Hardware could be expend individually thanks to Suntrol eManager extensions
  • Compact DIN Rail housing allows an easy installation
  • Expendable functions via Apps
  • Local data logger as well as a gateway to the Suntrol portal
  • Two S0 – interfaces for pulsed meters to measure the consumption

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Energy management system

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