Suntool - Overview

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The professional design software

With the Suntool software, fitters and planners can plan solar power systems for virtually any roof surface with just a few clicks of the mouse. The software also includes detailed yield forecasts, data sheets and forms for registering with energy supply companies.

Simply enter the desired system model into the input screen and draw the roof surface which is available for the solar power system in the software. In just a few seconds, the program calculates the maximum possible number of solar modules and the number of inverters required.

Regional insolation data, expected costs, yields and financing options are also included in the calculation and can be output directly in the form of documents.

Regular updates can be found online and ensure that the program is always up to date.

The Suntool software is available from wholesale distributors and was designed for architects, planners, fitters and wholesale traders.

Please note that the availability and the features of the described products and offers are specific for each market.