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Your performance documentation

SolarWorld quality is not only evident in their high-quality products, but also in the way entire projects are managed, from planning and installation to comprehensive documentation of all key data of your solar array.

When you buy a SolarWorld kit, the Sunpass folder included gives you comprehensive, individualised system documentation, helping you keep all background information on your solar array from a single source close to hand: the individual components and detailed construction plans, data sheets and warranty agreements and a separate section for all other correspondence. Now you can check your solar power system‘s performance data at any time!

Product advantages

  • Comprehensive and clear collection of all important documents
  • Available as a practical folder or PDF document
  • Sustainably produced and assembled
  • Free delivery with every order of a complete SolarWorld kit
  • All important documents are clearly organized according to DIN IEC 62446
  • System data compiled in advance to save time

Each Sunpass includes the following

  • Concise documentation of the solar power system
  • Customer letter
  • Cover page with overview of essential system data
  • Certificate from a specialist installer verifying a proper installation
  • Individualized quality and performance documentation
  • Data sheets
  • Certification (including structural certificates)
  • User information
  • Guarantee agreements
  • Frame and cable plans
  • Forms (yield data)
  • Solarworld kits special insurance certificate (free for two years, can be extended to five years upon request)
  • Additional record for all correspondence pertaining to the solar power system

Please note that the availability and the features of the described products and offers are specific for each market.