Independence from energy providers with homemade power

A solar power system is most productive during the day when the sun is shining. However, this is not necessarily the time of day during which a household actually requires electricity.
Thanks to storage and intelligent control, excess electricity can also be consumed in the evening and during the night. In this way, the amount of self-produced electricity consumed in a household is optimized.

SunPac – The highest degree of independence

The SolarWorld SunPac S battery system has already been integrated into several SolarWorld kits and makes it possible for satisfied customers Germany-wide to enjoy up to 80 percent of self-produced electricity. It was not without good reason that the SunPac S was awarded the German Energy Efficiency Prize 2012. The new SunPac 2.0, which has already been awarded the Industry Prize 2013, is to be introduced into the market with its proven lead-acid battery technology.

The SunPac 2.0 battery system – advantages at a glance:

  • Cost-effectiveness: Avoid rising electricity costs, take advantage of financing
  • Retrofitting capacity: The SunPac 2.0 is suitable for new and existing systems
  • Innovation: Invest in the technology of the future with SolarWorld
  • Independence: More independence from energy providers thanks to the maximizing of self-produced electricity

Please note that the availability and the features of the described products and offers are specific for each market.