SunPac 2.0 ‒ the battery system for more homemade power

For the first time ever, the new SunPac 2.0 system integrates the charging and discharging functions in a threephase inverter. This means an additional charge controller is no longer needed, which not only saves space but also results in greater efficiency. The three-phase connection enables the entire household, including major appliances such as a stove, to be powered using stored homemade electricity. If more energy is available than is currently required, the surplus power is stored in the battery. The battery is then discharged on all three phases in the evening and during the night, which results in a high degree of self-sufficiency.

The new PIKO battery inverter also features an integrated data logger which, in conjunction with Suntrol portal, displays the system yield, the consumption of homemade power and the battery charge level. The effort required to install the system is significantly reduced, as numerous functions are already directly built into the inverter. As an introductory offer, the system comes with a reliable lead-acid battery (VRLA). So with SolarWorld, you can take advantage of the development potential in the battery segment today – flexible and future-proof.

Product benefits Battery system SunPac 2.0

  • Integrated homemade power control
  • Simple, inexpensive installation
  • Future-proof, as it has been constructed to adapt to new battery concepts
  • High-quality lead-acid battery (VRLA) with energy management system
  • 11.6 kWh of energy storage and 5.8 kWh of usable energy
  • Visualization of SunPac battery system data