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The Sunfix plus as parallel-installed version is a versatile support structure for installation of solar modules on pitched roofs. It is individually pre-fabricated as a complete set. This is based on the existing roof construction and the on-site static load requirements (orientation, snow and wind loads, etc.).


The Sunfix plus as elevated version is a support structure for the installation of PV modules. This means that it is possible to mount the PV modules in line with or towards the pitch of the roof. The roof pitch can be between 0° and 20°. It is possible to mount the modules at right angles to the roof pitch up to a pitch of 5° with reinforcing elements, and modules fixed at right angles even up to 20°.
The pre-assembled frames consisting of three aluminum angle profiles must be attached with bolts on-site. The mounting profiles are fitted in single or double layers under the flat roof frame. The structure depends on the orientation of the module and the roof construction.

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Features of the Sunfix plus mounting system

  • Support profiles made of aluminum
  • Fixing and connecting elements made of stainless steel or aluminum
  • Certified statics according to Eurocode 1 in the SolarWorld kit
  • Measurement of the system in accordance with currently valid snow and wind load standards (DIN 1055)
  • Allowable wind speed - Sunfix plus mounting system for flat roofs: 90 mph*
  • Allowable wind speed – Sunfix plus mounting system for pitched roofs: 100 mph*
  • Fixing elements for almost all standard roof structures and coverings
* Subject to technical feasibility. SolarWorld Technical Planning will prepare an individual assessment for every application showing which components and/or ballast should be used.

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