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Technical data

Tilt angle: 10, 15, 25° 10°
Suitable for flat roofs with a pitch of up to:
System weight: approx. 10 kg/m² (standardised with 25° version) approx. 3 kg/m²
Frame / base static friction: μ = 0.60 μ = 0.60
Suitable modules: Sunmodule Plus
(poly or mono)
Sunmodule Plus
(poly or mono)
Minimum system size: 3 x 3 modules 1 x 2 modules
Allowable wind speed: 90 mph* 90 mph*
Allowable building height: 20 m 20 m
*Subject to technical feasabilty SolarWorld Technical Planning will prepare an individual assessment for every application showing which components and/or ballast should be used.

You can find further information about Sunfix aero system in the download area.