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The low-ballast flat roof system

The Sunfix aero flat roof system from SolarWorld is the perfect system for installing your SolarWorld solar power modules on flat roofs without the need for any penetration through the roof. The easy-to-install system with an angle of inclination of 10°, 15° or 25° is ideal for use on roofs with minimal load reserves and reduces point and distributed loads. With its aerodynamic design, the aluminum, stainless steel and galvanized steel mounting system produces an additional applied load of approx. 10 kg/m² onto the roof plus the ballast needed (depending on the location).

Sunfix aero duo – increased yield

The system Sunfix aero duo maximizes the usable roof space by arranging the modules in pairs, back to back on the roof. Due to the dual design, the shade distance between the rows of modules is reduced to a minimum, and much more power fits on the roof.

In the Sunfix aero duo, the modules are arranged at a tilt angle of 10 degrees and are preferably oriented east-west direction. As a result, the system achieves a maximum possible energy yield in relation to the existing roof surface. The mounting system is installed without penetrating the roof membrane and forms a stable, static network that needs only a low amount of ballast.

The aerodynamic, wind-tunnel-tested design of the system also ensures that the solar system’s behavior in the wind is like a Formula 1 car at high speeds: the frame literally presses itself onto the roof. This reduces the point and surface loads that are transferred into the roof structure to a minimum.

Construction Sunfix aero duo:

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