Sunfix aero - Overview

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The efficient flat roof system

The Sunfix aero provides you with all of the advantages of an economic flat roof system: It can be mounted onto industrial and commercial roofs without penetrating them. The system also has only a small number of main components, and guarantees fast and simple installation due to a significantly reduced system design. We have further developed the system in close cooperation with our customer, and have used it to create impressive technical solutions.

New system design

To increase the efficiency of the system, we have made the new mounts 4 cm higher. This facilitates cable routing underneath the modules. The risk of shading through vegetation or ballast stones is also minimized. This ensures optimum yield even under demanding conditions. The additional, new ballast trays enable optimum point-load distribution. Two different designs guarantee the reliable and problem-free positioning of the ballast on the roof. The new design also eliminates the need for pebble mounts: The new mounts can be set up easily on the pebbles or embedded in the pebbles.

  • Sunfix aero

  • Sunfix aero

  • Sunfix aero with ballasting

  • Sunfix aero duo

  • Sunfix aero duo with ballasting

Sunfix aero comes in two versions:

The SUNFIX AERO is optimised to a south-facing direction with a 15° angle of inclination (data sheet)

The SUNFIX AERO DUO is for an east-west-facing direction with a 10° angle of inclination (data sheet)

Fast & Easy installation

The Sunfix aero only consists of the main components: the prop supports, pre-assembled module clamps and wind deflector. The self-explanatory system design impresses with its light, easy to handle components. The time needed for installation is further shortened thanks to a high degree of pre-assembly – the press nuts, construction protection mats and mechanical stops are already assembled in the support props, for example. The customized mechanical stops on the system supports, which have been specially developed in cooperation with our customers bring the solar modules into the correct position immediately, guaranteeing fast and accurate module installation. All you need is an Allen key to install the entire system. The construction protection is also already integrated into the system, and no longer needs to be purchased, cut to size and laid out. Thanks to this thought-through system technology, 1 kWp can be mounted by two people in less than 5 minutes.

Cost-effective storage and transportation

Perfect organisation through optimum logistics: a limited number of components with stackable elements guarantees cost-effective storage and transportation. In order to make the logistics even easier, we have replaced the long rails by considerably shorter support props: large-area storage spaces and long vehicle lorries are no longer needed. The Sunfix aero is optimised to a high packing density: up to 900 kW can be fitted into one lorry.

Quality that you can build on

The system consists of high quality material such as aluminium, galvanized steel and stainless steel, guaranteeing you durability and weather resistance: without rust or embrittlement. For this reason, we offer a 10-year product guarantee that gives you enough space for a long-term yield calculation. Our quality standards ensure that you receive system and frame technology onto which you can build for a long time to come.