SolarWorld kits - Product information: SolarWorld

Customized kits

With SolarWorld kits, you’ll receive special all-inclusive service. The kits contain all components required for constructing and operating a solar power system: SolarWorld quality modules, inverters, data loggers with power management, mounting systems, cables and accessories.

SolarWorld takes into consideration your customers’ individual requirements as well as the specific building and on-site conditions to assemble a customized system solution. SolarWorld kits are perfectly planned in advance and assembled according to the latest standards.

SolarWorld kits are insured for two years at no extra cost and delivered with a Sunpass – a comprehensive collection of quality and performance documents that is exclusive to SolarWorld.

SolarWorld manufactures several different mounting systems with static verification.

  • Compliance with the most current planning specifications and standards
  • Optimum synchronization of the individual components
  • State-of-the-art production processes
  • Easy to handle

35 years of expertise

As a PV pioneer, we have been producing top quality for over 35 years with expertise and passion, focussed on crystalline solar power technology from the beginning.

Always keep an eye on the current electricity production of your solar power system.

Once your system is on-grid, you can check the output at any time with our Suntrol products.
You can also use it to register your system on the Internet portal This gives you access to the output at any time on your PC, cell phone or iPod Touch.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Planning, design and perfectly matched components from a single source
  • Tailor-made, pre-assembled kits that can be quickly and safely mounted
  • Always in compliance with the latest standards and norms
  • Upon request, the kits can be delivered directly to the construction site
  • Lots of optional extras, from system monitoring to system insurance
  • Certified mounting system statics according to Eurocode 1

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