SolarWorld kits - Overview

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All-inclusive packages

With SolarWorld kits, you’ll receive special all-inclusive service. The kits contain all components required for constructing and operating a solar power system. They can be adapted to any environment and are perfectly matched to local roof or ground parameters. SolarWorld kits are perfectly planned in advance and assembled according to the latest standards. This saves time during the preparation and installation.

Your benefits at a glance:

  • Planning, design and perfectly matched components from a single source
  • Tailor-made, pre-assembled kits that can be quickly and safely mounted
  • Always in compliance with the latest standards and norms
  • Upon request, the kits can be delivered directly to the construction site
  • Lots of optional extras, from system monitoring to system insurance
  • Certified mounting system statics according to Eurocode 1
  • With Sunmodule Plus mono black

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