SolarWorld Kit easy

Install a complete SolarWorld solar power system for your customers in the shortest possible time. With the SolarWorld Kit easy you receive all pitched roof system components pre-assembled on one pallet: high quality modules, optional inverter with integrated data logger and power management, mounting system, cables and accessories. As with every complete SolarWorld kit, complementary two-year kit insurance and the Sunpass are also included in selected countries. The well-designed packaging concept makes it easy to unload the pallet at the installation site. Order today – install tomorrow. The SolarWorld Kit easy is available in four sizes with 12, 16, 20 or 24 modules.

SolarWorld Kit easy product advantages

  • Increased productivity for installer and specialist wholesaler thanks to simplified planning and logistics processes.
  • Complete solution: The SolarWorld Kit easy contains all components required for constructing and operating a solar power system.
  • Perfectly pre-engineered: The kit is entirely pre-engineered for pitched roof systems and is assembled according to current standards and norms. This saves time during preparation and installation.
  • Clever packaging: The compact and high-quality packaging guarantees quick and safe delivery right to the customer’s construction site.
  • Maximum protection and overview: Includes complementary two-year kit insurance and Sunpass – the comprehensive documentation of quality and performance only found at SolarWorld (only available in selected countries)..


Mounting possibilities

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* required roof area: Area the modules occupy is approx. 20 cm, including edge distances all the way around.