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The new generation: maximum stability

There are many arguments in favor of the Sunmodule Protect: a maximum service life thanks to the innovative use of state-of-the-art glass technologies on the front and rear of the module, a high level of mechanical durability and minimal degradation behavior. The launch of the latest generation brings even more advantages.

The module is quicker to install thanks to the wave-shaped frame, which is easier to handle and more scratch resistant. The new generation offers more flexibility during planning and installation, due to the 33-mm high frame and a new Amphenol H4 connector.

This new generation also thrills with its exceptional design: The Sunmodule Protect is now available all in black – from the cell to the frame to the module corner.

  • Protect SW 250 poly

    Protect SW 250 poly

  • Protect SW 250 mono black

    Protect SW 250 mono black

30-year linear performance guarantee

  • 30-year linear performance guarantee
  • 10-year product warranty
  • At least 97% of nominal power in the first year
  • Guaranteed maximum performance reduction of only 0.35% per year
  • Guaranteed performance of 90% after 21 years
  • Guaranteed performance of 86.85% after 30 years

The service certificate for the Sunmodule Protect is available in our download section.

Product benefits Sunmodule Protect

  • 30-year linear performance guarantee
  • Extremely long service life through the use of glass on the front and rear sides of the module
  • Embedding the cells in glass-glass ensures optimal protection against mechanical loads and environmental factors
  • The module’s light permeability expands its range of application and opens up new ways to integrate it aesthetically into rooftop spaces

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