Sunmodule Plus Vario poly -  Product Information

Sunmodule Plus SW 200 Vario poly

SolarWorld AG is introducing a product innovation that once again demonstrates the company’s system expertise and also offers many advantages for system operators. The new solar module allows for optimal use of the entire roof area of a typical single-family home for the first time, thus achieving the best possible system yields.

Flexible solar power solutions for home

Our solar module is shorter than standard modules and enables optimal use of roof area when combined with standard modules from SolarWorld AG. Previously, roofs on typical single-family homes usually only accommodated two rows of solar modules, but the short module now makes it possible to add a third row. The Sunmodule Plus SW 200 Vario poly also scores highly in terms of aesthetics. By using this module, the full roof area can be covered with modules, creating a homogeneous array and delivering an attractive roof appearance.

The solar module makes it even easier to use solar power you generate yourself at home. Thanks to the intelligent combination of large modules and the small solar module from SolarWorld, you have the flexibility to optimize your solar installation to match your own power consumption, permanently eliminating your dependency on utility companies and liberating yourself from rising electricity prices.

Variable and innovative

The solar module is two cell rows shorter than other standard modules from SolarWorld AG, while its width is unchanged. This allows you to add a third module row to the roof of a typical single-family home. The installation position of the Sunmodule Plus SW 200 Vario poly makes no difference here: whether it is the first, second or third module row, the short module means you can adapt to site-specific conditions in a flexible manner. The two module types can even be used together within a row. Since the numbers of cells of both module types are perfectly coordinated, strings of the two module types can be connected easily using an inverter.

Advantages at a glance

  • Excellent flexibility as regards use of roof area
  • First solution that allows two module classes to be used together within a solar installation
  • Coordinated with the Sunmodule Plus SW 250 poly
  • Compact dimensions make it especially flexible (two cell rows shorter than standard modules)
  • Optimal use of roof area
  • Homogeneous module array on roof
  • Allows for optimal kits for self-consumption

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