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The Sunmodule Bisun delivers high yields all-round: It is a solar module active on both sides that converts light from all directions into electrical energy. This ensures up to 25 % more yield per installed kWp. Thanks to the use of the newest glass technologies, it also has a particularly long lifespan and high mechanical durability.


The Sunmodule Bisun is also available with a white grid structure − a coating on the inside of the back glass with impressive longevity and high reflection. It reflects the light in the area between the cells directly back into the cell, increasing the output of the module. Even with this white grid structure, the light reflected by the rear side of the module can still effortlessly penetrate into the open back of the cell, where it generates the additional bifacial yield.


The duo cells used in this module contribute to power generation through their active rear side. The double-sided light utilization, the so-called bifaciality, is based on the further development of PERC cell technology, which we deploy in serial production for more than 3 years.

The Sunmodule Bisun also has an exceptionally long lifespan through the use of glass on the front and rear sides of the module. This glassglass technology also ensures high mechanical durability and improved degradation behavior.

Functioning of the Sunmodule Bisun

Functioning of the Sunmodule Bisun

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The Sunmodule Bisun is particularly suitable for ground-mounted systems and flat roofs.
If the solar module is used on surfaces such as light-coloured concrete or white
membrane, more light is reflected into the module and the energy yield increases
further. The brighter the surface, the higher the output generated. However, the
bifacial module also produces more output than comparable standard modules on non-optimized surfaces such as grass, sand or trapezoidal sheeting.

  • Sunmodule Bisun duo | FRONT AND REAR SIDE

  • Sunmodule Bisun duo black | Front and rear side

  • Bifaciale Solarzelle

    Bifacial solar cell | Front and rear side

Product benefits

  • Up to 25 % more yield with innovative bifacial technology
  • Higher returns with shorter amortization time
  • Extremely long lifespan through the use of glass on the front and rear sides of the module
  • 30-year linear performance guarantee – at least 86.85 % output after 30 years

Find out how much more energy you can achieve with the Bisun Boost Calculator

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