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SolarWorld Supplies Quality Modules to Major Solar Power Projects in the US and Canada


The demand for quality solar products „Made in USA“ is continuing unabated in the United States and Canada: In one fell swoop SolarWorld AG was able to secure several large solar projects for itself in the vigorously growing North American market. In the month of May alone solar modules were supplied to solar power plants in the US federal states of California, New Jersey and West Virginia as well as in Canada. These solar modules were produced in the SolarWorld production facility in Hillsboro, Oregon.

„Quality ‚Made in USA’ convinces more and more American consumers, including large organizations like educational institutes and utilities”, says the SolarWorld CEO Dr.-Ing. E.h. Frank Asbeck. „Our strategy of producing right where the biggest markets are located is paying off“. The US SolarWorld subsidiary, SolarWorld Industries America Inc., can look back on 35 years of production experience which makes it the most experienced and indeed the largest solar power technology manufacturer in the country.

Los Angeles Department of Water and Power, Adelanto, California

For the regional utility Los Angeles Department of Water and Power SolarWorld planned and delivered an 11.6 Megawatt solar power project. The preliminary work for this already started last year. In the next few weeks the plant at the Adelanto transformer station will be completed and will begin to supply clean electricity to the metropolis of Los Angeles.

Campus Lawrenceville School, Lawrenceville, New Jersey

On the campus of the renowned Lawrenceville School, a boarding school in New Jersey that is a few centuries old, a 6.1 Megawatt solar power plant equipped with SolarWorld modules is just being installed. The almost 25,000 quality modules are fitted on a single axis tracking device that increases the yield even further because it always points the modules in the direction of the sun. This installation is the largest solar power system that has ever been built on the premises of a US educational establishment. Every year it now supplies 9,264,000 kilowatt hours of solar power which is equivalent to the needs of 800 American households.

American Public University System, Charles Town, West Virginia

On the central building of the American Public University System in Charles Town, an Internet distance university, the largest solar system in the US federal state of West Virginia was inaugurated in early May. The 407 Kilowatt system installed on a carport complex consists of 1,671 high performance modules made by SolarWorld. It also supplies power to the 15 charging stations for the electric and hybrid vehicles operating in the university precinct. In cooperation with a partner SolarWorld has already realized a number of projects in this former coal mining area that promote new energy as much as the creation of new jobs.

Stardale Solar Farm, Ontario, Canada

On May 16th the Stardale Solar Farm in Ontario in Canada was connected to the national grid with an output of 33 Megawatt. The clean electricity is supplied by some 144,000 SolarWorld modules. Every year the farm now produces about 39 Gigawatt hours of electricity which is enough to supply 2,600 Canadian households. The project is not only one of the largest but also politically one of the most important ones for the North American market standing as it does for the determination of the government to consistently complete the move towards renewable energies.

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