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From North to South: SolarWorld expands its international business


The largest solar power plants in Sweden, Estonia and Lithuania completed / New self-consumption technology introduced in Spain / Record projects implemented in Africa

High-quality solar power plants are in great demand in the so-called "new solar markets": The German manufacturer SolarWorld delivered solar power modules for the now-completed largest photovoltaic system in Sweden, for the largest in-roof system in Lithuania, and the first registered grid-connected solar power plant in Estonia. The Southern Hemisphere also relies on quality: In Namibia, the largest solar power plant in the country has now gone online, which is also equipped with SolarWorld modules.

In addition to high-performance modules, SolarWorld is also able to score in international business with solar control technology. In Spain, where under current law grid feed-in is not permitted, the company was the first to offer an alternative solution for operating a cost-effective solar power plant. A special data logger makes it possible to operate a solar power plant independent of the grid and to use all of the self-generated solar power.

At present, SolarWorld is continuing to strengthen its brand in Sub-Saharan Africa. Besides the record plant in Namibia, in South Africa, the largest on-roof solar power plant on the African continent was realized using SolarWorld modules, and in Botswana, the largest solar installation is being constructed in a nature reserve, with a capacity of about one megawatt.

"That modules from SolarWorld are being used worldwide is confirmation of our decision to stick with high quality standards," said Frank Asbeck, CEO of SolarWorld AG. "The record projects in numerous new solar markets show that people in the most diverse regions of the world trust our standards."

Overview of record SolarWorld projects

Sweden: Largest solar power plant in the country, with a capacity of 450 kWp / Type of plant: ground-mounted / City: Simrishamn, southern Sweden
Lithuania: Largest solar power plant in the country, with a capacity of 120 kWp / Type of plant: roof integration, SolarWorld kit Sundeck / City: Klykunai / Being planned: first flat roof installation in Lithuania, also with 120 kWp capacity

Estonia: First officially approved solar power system in the country with grid feed-in / Type of plant: on-roof installation on a private home

Spain: First and only technical solution for zero-percent feed-in in the country / Type: control technology / data logger as accessory to solar power kit/ Can be purchased from SW distributors and SolarWorld Authorized Installers

Namibia: Largest solar power plant in the country, with a capacity of 237 kWp / Type of plant: on-roof installation on a supermarket / City: Windhoek / Energy savings: approx. 40 percent

South Africa: Largest roof-installed solar power plant on the continent, with a capacity of 630 kWp / Type of plant: flat roof installation / City: industrial area Dube TradePort AgriZone in the province Kwa-Zulu Natal, east coast of South Africa

Botswana: Largest solar installation in the country in a vacation park, with approx. 1 MW capacity (planned and partially installed) / Type of system: ground-mounted and on-roof / City: Okavango Delta, northwestern Botswana

About SolarWorld AG: SolarWorld AG manufactures solar power systems and in doing so contributes to a cleaner energy supply worldwide. The company, located in Bonn, employs approximately 3,000 people and carries out production in Freiberg, Germany, and Hillsboro, USA. From raw material silicon to the solar module, SolarWorld manages all stages of production ? including its own research and development. Through an international distribution network, SolarWorld supplies customers all over the world with solar modules and complete systems. The company maintains high social standards at all locations across the globe, and has committed itself to resource- and energy-efficient production. SolarWorld has been publically traded on the stock market since 1999 and is quoted in the technology index TecDax. SolarWorld achieved sales of about one billion Euros for the fiscal year 2011. More information at

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