Press release

Press release

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SolarWorld AG presents high-quality products in the growth market India

Company sees increased demand for “one-stop-shop” on- and off-grid solutions

SolarWorld delivers milestone projects worldwide

Quality modules provide clean electricity in South Africa, Greece, India and the US Before the world climate summit in Durban/South Africa from November 28 to December 9, 2011, SolarWorld AG in Bonn is drawing attention to the...

SolarWorld AG increases shipments in stagnating total market

EBIT-margin of 8.7 percent in third quarter • Shipments of 195 MW (Q3 2010: 191 MW)• Revenue of € 238 million (Q3 2010: € 342 million)• EBIT of € 21 million (Q3 2010: € 50 million)• EBIT-margin of 8.7 percent...

SolarWorld AG welcomes initiation of antidumping investigation in the U.S.

U.S. Department of Commerce starts case against Chinese solar manufacturers The U.S. Department of Commerce has officially initiated an investigation on the trade practices of Chinese companies in the U.S. market for solar cells...

SolarWorld Solar Cells Made in Germany Reach Once Around the Globe

Deutsche Cell GmbH in Freiberg Celebrates 10-Year Anniversary

SolarWorld brings action in the U.S. against cheap imports from China

Several U.S. solar technology manufacturers start petition in Washington, D.C., against unfair competition Today, the U.S. subsidiary of the SolarWorld Group, SolarWorld Industries America Inc., supported by a group of...

SolarWorld AG is industry leader in dedication to sustainability and transparency

Company placed at the top of independent rankings Credible commitment to sustainability is getting more and more important for both investors and consumers. For its dedication to sustainable corporate management and transparent...

SolarWorld GT started in Australia to circle the world

Solar car by SolarWorld AG and Bochum University of Applied Sciences will cover more than 30,000 kilometers driven only by the power of the sun Driven by the power of the sun alone, the solar-powered car SolarWorld GT set out in...

Joint Venture awards contract for the construction of a silicon factory in Qatar

Total investment amounts to US dollars 1 billion / Annual production of poly-silicon to amount to 8,000 tons

SolarWorld presents the SunCarport – electricity for e-mobility is made at home

Solar car “SolarWorld GT“ will go round the world for the first time with self-generated solar power

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