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SolarWorld AG surpasses own 2006 forecast with group sales of 515 million EUR and profits of 130 million EUR


In fiscal year 2006 SolarWorld AG profitably expanded and internationalized its group-wide business volume both through organic growth along the entire solar value chain and also through the acquisition of the Shell solar activities. In comparison with the previous year group sales rose by 45 per cent to 515 (previous year: 356) million EUR which was more than forecast. Without taking into consideration one-off effects like the lucrative Shell solar acquisition the group generated earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) of 118 million EUR. The after-tax annual result adjusted for these effects amounted to 73 (previous year: 52) million EUR which, as predicted by the Board of Management, was 40 per cent above the previous year. Including these one-time effects the EBIT doubled to 180 (previous year: 89) million EUR and consolidated profits after tax increased to 130 million EUR. The group has thus been able to more than double its earnings in the third year in succession. The 2007 fiscal year has also got off to a good start. In January 2007 group sales already increased by 36 per cent over the same period last year due to exports.

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Pioneer in worldwide climate protection ranking

SolarWorld AG has been selected by the British financial newspaper CNBC European Business to be among the worldwide pioneering companies in climate protection. The magazine has drawn up a ranking list of 50 worldwide pioneering companies who have made climate protection part and parcel of their profitable business model. In this list SolarWorld AG is nominated as a pioneer in the development and production of carbon-free energies.

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