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‚manager magazin’ awards prize to SolarWorld AG annual report

In the framework of its annual award ceremony for the best annual reports of the most important German stock corporations ‘manager magazin’ awarded second place to SolarWorld AG among all TecDAX companies. The jury under the...

SolarWorld AG Confers SolarWorld Einstein Award for Outstanding Achievements in Photovoltaic Technology

By conferring the SolarWorld Einstein Award SolarWorld AG again pays tribute in 2008 to trail-blazing achievements around the development of solar power technology. The solar technology group bestows this solar award carrying the...

SolarWorld AG: One Hundred Millionth Solar Cell from Freiberg

The one hundred millionth solar cell from Deutsche Cell GmbH, the cell manufacturing division of SolarWorld AG, was today handed over to the sales and distribution people. The total number of solar cells manufactured since the...

SolarWorld AG with consistently powerful 2nd quarter sales and earnings growth

With the submission of its financial report for the 2nd quarter of 2008 SolarWorld AG confirmed the quarterly figures reported previously. In comparison with the 2nd quarter of 2007 group sales went up by 46.6 per cent to 259.6...

SolarWorld Secures Sustainable Solar-Grade Silicon Supplies Through In-House Production, Recycling and Long-Term Contracts with Renowned Manufacturers

Expanding in-house production of Sunsil solar-grade silicon in the framework of the joint venture operated in Rheinfelden with Evonik Degussa GmbH and the group’s comprehensive internal recycling activities, the SolarWorld Group...

SolarWorld AG: Start of Industrial Production of Solar-Grade Silicon

Joint Venture with Evonik Provides Efficiently and Innovatively Produced Raw Materials

SolarWorld AG with consistently powerful sales and earnings growth in 2nd quarter

SolarWorld AG has successfully and consistently continued the expansion of its national and international group business in the 2nd quarter of 2008. Group sales from April through June went up by 46.6 per cent over the same...

SolarWorld No.1 with Top Ranking in North America Race

CEO Frank Asbeck: 'Solar Alternative for Tomorrow’s Mobility'

Module production expanded to 100 MW for booming US market

SolarWorld AG consistently strengthens its business with solar modules and complete systems. At the Intersolar North America taking place in San Francisco from 15 to 17 July 2008 the company announced the completion of its new...

SolarWorld AG Relies on Germany as Production Location

Breaking Ground for Production Expansion to 1 Gigawatt in Freiberg

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