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SolarWorld AG Annual Report Acclaimed by 'Manager Magazin'

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SolarWorld AG has been honored for the quality and transparency of its communications. In the annual 'The Best Annual Reports 2009' competition organized by the German business magazine 'Manager Magazin' the annual report of the company repeated its achievement of the previous year of coming second in the TecDAX category. In the overall ranking including the DAX, TecDAX, MDAX, SDAX and Stoxx 50 indices the SolarWorld annual report is among the Top 25. In today's issue 'Manager Magazin' reports extensively about the results of the competition. The jury under the scientific guidance of Professor Jörg Baetge of the University of Münster assessed the criteria of contents, design and language. 'We are delighted with the award', says Frank H. Asbeck, Chairman and CEO of SolarWorld AG. 'After all, it shows us that the way we communicate with our shareholders, investors and stakeholders is highly appreciated'.

SolarWorld AG relies on a consistent and open dialogue in which ecological and social issues are included. Thus, SolarWorld AG is the only company in the solar industry to have published an integrated sustainability report within the reporting framework of the Global Reporting Initiative. In addition, SolarWorld is also a forerunner in having applied for the first time the core performance indicators for environmental protection, social affairs and corporate governance as formulated by the German Association for Financial Analysis and Asset Management (Deutsche Vereinigung für Finanzanalyse und Asset Management = DVFA) to its 2008 annual report. With the disclosure of these additional reporting requirements SolarWorld has assumed a pioneer role among publicly quoted companies in terms of sustainability reporting.

'We do not only meet the highest international requirements with our reporting', explains Chairman and CEO Frank H. Asbeck. Production at all locations also follows worldwide, group-specific norms and all products have been certified according to recognized standards like TÜV, UL, IEC or CE. In addition, all activities that are relevant to quality and the environment are steered by an integrated management system according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001. In the last few months SolarWorld did not only win the long-term test of the Photon trade magazine with its particularly high yield modules but the company was also endowed with the German Sustainability Award for the 'Most Sustainable Production'. Frank H. Asbeck: 'For us sustainability is a fundamental management strategy in which economic, ecological and social aspects stand side by side on an equal footing. It is the very basis of our success'.

About SolarWorld AG

The SolarWorld AG group of companies (ISIN: DE0005108401) is a world leader in high-quality solar power technology. The company is exclusively dedicated to its core business of photovoltaic power generation and combines all activities of the solar industry from silicon as the raw material to turn-key solar power systems including recycling. SolarWorld is represented in all the world's solar growth markets and predominantly produces in Germany and the USA. Its largest sites are located in Freiberg, Saxony, and Hillsboro, USA. The central group office is in Bonn. Worldwide sales of solar modules are secured by five sales offices in Germany, Spain, USA, South Africa and Singapore. The central element of the business in addition to the sale of turn-key solar systems and solar modules to the trade is the distribution of solar silicon wafers to the international solar cell industry. Apart from grid-coupled (on-grid) products, the SolarWorld Group sells off-grid solar power solutions. Under the name Solar2World the Group takes its ethical commitment to fair development also to emerging economies and developing countries, promoting in particular off-grid solar power solutions exemplary of sustainable economic development.

Sustainability is an integral element of SolarWorld's corporate strategy. The corporate management is committed to sustainable, economically, ecologically and socially compatible growth. SolarWorld AG employs more than 2,500 people worldwide. The company is listed at the stock market, among others in the technology index TecDAX, in the ÖkoDAX, in the Dow Jones STOXX 600, in the international MSCI-Index and in the sustainability indices DAXglobal Alternative Energy and NAI.

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