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CEO-interview: An important step forward

Mr. Asbeck, what does restructuring mean to SolarWorld?Everyone contributes: Our creditors must accept that approximately 55 percent of the debt will not be repaid, but rather converted to stock. Our shareholders must accept that...[more]

The award that opens doors

Dr. Christian Reimann earned the SolarWorld Junior Einstein Award for his dissertation in 2010. He still works in crystal growing at the Fraunhofer Institute for Integrated Systems and Device Technology (IISB) in...[more]

“The energy revolution is solar”

Good news from the solar industry has been scarce lately. The list of German solar manufacturers that have been forced to file for bankruptcy in recent weeks is growing and includes Solon, Q-Cells, and Sovello. So what’s next? We...[more]

Vario poly for rooftop flexibility

Solar modules are getting a new shape. SolarWorld is adding a new product to its Sunmodule Plus range that is two cell rows shorter than standard models. The small SW 196 Vario poly can be installed together with larger modules,...[more]

Underground reconnaissance: Looking for lithium

Treasures from the deep: Mayor Thomas Kirsten, Prof. Armin Müller, Kersten Kühn from GEOS, doctoral candidate in geology Jörg Nessler from TU Freiberg, and employees from the drilling company present the first cores containing...[more]

Sundeck makes solar power systems look good

SolarWorld is showcasing a development in the area of design that not only looks good, but is also easy to install. The Sundeck system makes your solar power system fit perfectly into your roof. Installers don't need to handle...[more]

All-around charger receives design award

Now it’s official. Not only can the SunCharger do a lot, but it also looks good. The device has received the 2012 Red Dot Award. The smallest solar power plant from SolarWorld charges cell phones and digital cameras from various...[more]

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