Stock exchange indices

Stock exchange indices

A choice of indices in which the SolarWorld stock is listed.

Index Country Category Description
ÖkoDAX Germany renewable energies/ sustainability Index of Prime-Standard-based companies of the renewable energies branch
MSCI-World global industry based on 1,470 share prices from 20 countries, which represent approximately 60% of the stock capitalization of these countries. It is published as a global index as well as in the form of regional indices
NAI global environment/ sustainability This index includes companies which are ecological leaders in their sector
Global Challenges Index (GCI) global environment/ sustainability The GCI comprises companies which are actively and responsibly facing up to seven global challenges like the climate change
WilderHill New Energy Global Innovation Index (NEX) global renewable energies/ sustainability The Index is comprised of companies worldwide whose innovative technologies and services focus on generation and use of cleaner energy, conservation and efficiency, and advancing renewable energy generally
RENIXX global renewable energies/ sustainability Index of the 30 most important global stocks of wind energy, solar energy, hydropower, bioenergy, geoenergy und fuel cell companies
PPVX global solar/ sustainability This index includes companies which earned at least 50 percent of the revenue of the previous year with photovoltaic products
MAC Global Solar Energy Index global solar/ sustainability The Index is designed to track the performance of the rapidly-growing global solar industry
MSCI Global Climate Index global climate change/ sustainability This index lists companies which are making every effort to mitigate the longterm effects of global warming
Photovoltail Global 30 Index global photovoltaics sector This index represents the average performance of 30 largest and most liquid companies in the solar sector.
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