Transparency as a principle

Our own brand of sustainability management.

SolarWorld was founded on the belief that energy should be supplied not only in accord with the requirements of people, but also with those of the environment. Sustainable action is what drives us – after all, clean technology also has to be cleanly produced.

It is our mission to structure our activities transparently and clearly. At SolarWorld, sustainability management has a face – on this page, we'll introduce your contact for sustainability issues. Our sustainability reporting can also be accessed here online at any time.

Your contact

Dr. Felicia Müller-Pelzer is the sustainability officer at SolarWorld AG and your contact for questions about sustainability management. 

Do you have questions about sustainability management at the SolarWorld Group? 

Tel.: +49-228-55920-482

Fax: +49-228-55920-9482



To guarantee that our activities are transparent, SolarWorld reports within the framework of the Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) and also publishes annual Communications on Progress as a member of the Global Compact. We are pleased to make the 2013 Annual Group Report available to you. The details of our sustainability performance are part of the Annual Group Report and describe how the sustainability principle is integrated into SolarWorld's corporate strategy. These reports outline the sustainable activities undertaken by SolarWorld.

2013 Annual Group Report
Overview of reporting in the last few years

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    SolarWorld combines economic success with social responsibility and signed up to the Global Compact.