SolarWorld is GREEN BRAND 2015/2016

The GREEN BRANDS certificate is presented exclusively to brands with a proven track record of environmentally sustainable actions both inside and outside the company.

Sustainable engagement

For combining economic success with social responsibility and environmental protection, SolarWorld was awarded the German Sustainability Price.

SolarWorld is a Changemaker

SolarWorld is a member of the Changemaker initiative of the Utopia Foundation. With the signing of the Changemaker Manifesto, SolarWorld openly discloses its global sustainability goals.


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Looking ahead

SolarWorld Sustainability as a principle

It's become a household word – everyone is talking about sustainability. But what does it actually mean? A quick look at the dictionary reveals that the word "sustainability" has its origins in forest management. It describes the principle that "the number of trees that are cut down cannot exceed the number that can grow back". But what does this have to do with solar energy?

We are commited to sustainability

The way we live leaves its mark on the planet. The world's population is growing and consuming more and more energy. The result is scarce resources, environmental degradation and climate change. It is time to take sustainable action. It is time for solar energy.

Sustainability has always been extremely important to SolarWorld, right from the outset. You can find more information about our wide range of sustainability management activities on the following pages:

SolarWorld is a Changemaker

Since February 2014, SolarWorld is member of the same-named Utopia foundation and is measured against ambitious sustainability goals in 10 areas. This self-commitment is at the same time the sustainability strategy of the SolarWorld group. Part of it are the group’s environmental goals until 2020. The Changemaker Manifesto was signed by the entire SolarWorld Board and thereby is – besides the SolarWorld vision – a personal commitment that emphasizes the significance of sustainable action for the SolarWorld group: SolarWorld stands for real values. In January 2015, SolarWorld published/disclosed its first Changemaker progress report.