SolarWorld e-One

SolarWorld e-One

Flying high on solar power: SolarWorld e-One is a self-sufficient electrically-powered flight system consisting of solar cells, a lithium ion battery and an electric engine. The solar plane is emission-free and powered exclusively by solar energy. The prototype is based on the ultra-light Elektra One Solar plane designed by PC-Aero GmbH.

The plane, which is close to serial production, is set to make its maiden flight in May 2013, covering a range of over 1,000 km. This is made possible by crystalline solar cells produced by SolarWorld in combination with ultra-modern storage technology. PC-Aero joined forces with SolarWorld to build the SolarWorld e-One.

Powered by a solar-electric engine, the SolarWorld e-One generates no CO2 emissions or noise. This is the beginning of a new era in aviation history – and an important step towards an emission-free future of mobility.

Experience the SolarWorld e-One!
Date Event Location
23 - 25/01/2013 Intersolution Gent, Belgium
19 - 22/02/2013 EnR Lyon, France
12 - 16/03/2013 ISH Frankfurt, Germany
08/05 - 10/05/2013 SolarExpo Mailand, Italy
19/06 - 21/06/2013 Intersolar München, Germany
Absolut take-off weight 300 kg
Empty weight (without batteries) 100 kg
Battery weight 100 kg
Payload 100 kg
Wing span 13 m
Wing surface 10 m²
Max. engine power 16 kW
Max. range up to 1000 km
Max. endurance more than 8 hours
Cruise speed 120 km/h
Aspect ratio Λ 16.9
Best glide ratio 33
Certification Ultralight class Germany (LTF-UL)

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