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Whether in the commercial or technical field, you can look forward to an all-round training program

The training provided in the SolarWorld Group is of a high standard. As a apprentice you are promptly integrated in the business issues and concerns. Even during the training period you enjoy a high level of recognition within the organization. In a future-oriented organization such as SolarWorld AG there are very good chances that you would be granted permanent employment within the organization subsequent to the training.

"Gaining insight into the working of an international company during my training period is an experience that is of great value to me. In growth sectors, a lot of flexibility is required since one confronts new tasks everyday. This is a challenge that I would really like to involve myself in further on in my career." - Christina Schmitz, apprentice

We offer the following vocational training programs in our group headquarters in Bonn:

Industrial Sales Representative and dual Industrial Management course
The pre-requisite for the training of industrial sales representatives beginning in August each year is a good high school education. The training lasts three years, but, however, it can be cut short to two years with a university entrance diploma. The trainees go to various departments at intervals of three to four months, primarily covering the following branches of SolarWorld: Accounts Department, Investor Relations, Marketing, Technology, Sales & Marketing national and abroad.

We provide training in our modern production unit in Freiberg/Saxony – in the vicinity of the cultural capital Dresden:

Process mechanic
The pre-requisite for training as a process mechanic is a good secondary school education and good performance in natural science disciplines. You get basic traing in metals over a period of 3.5 years and learn, amongst others, about operating, maintaining and repairing systems. Furthermore, you also learn about the steps involved in Quality Control, Production Control and storage processes.

Industrial sales clerk
A good junior high school certificate [Realschulabschluss] is a prerequisite for training as an industrial sales clerk. The training lasts for three years, but may be shortened to two years, if the student graduated with an advanced high school diploma [Abitur]. During the training course, trainees pass through all Deutsche Solar’s administrative departments and thus obtain a comprehensive insight into the business procedures of the company.

Please send your complete application for employment to:

SolarWorld Industries Sachsen GmbH
Björn Braune
Berthelsdorfer Straße 111 A
09599 Freiberg
Phone: +49 3731 301 0

Or send us your application via e-mail