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SolarWorld: A Great Place to Work

SolarWorld is thus again among the outstanding employers in Germany where employees “trust the people they work for, are proud of what they do and enjoy working with others”.

“The employees are the most important assets of a company”, says Chairman and CEO Dr. Ing. h. c. Frank Asbeck. “Their happiness is close to my heart because only employees who come to work happy and who feel well looked after will lastingly and vigorously dedicate themselves to realizing our corporate objectives. I am therefore delighted that the employees view their company as one of the best employers in the country”.

The study primarily provides an insight into the corporate culture of the participating companies.

As the culture of a company cannot be ascertained by hard and fast facts and figures like profit and loss numbers the study is based on a culture audit, on documents submitted and on an employee survey.

In assessing the companies particular importance was attached to the employee survey.

To this end questions on the five dimensions of the concept underlying the study – credibility, respect, fairness, pride and team orientation – were answered by the SolarWorld employees in an anonymous online questionnaire. All in all 90% of the employees who took part said that SolarWorld AG offeres very good jobs.

Here is an insight into the way the employees judged their company:

In the section on „Credibility“ 83% of the respondents emphasized that they were given a lot of responsibility at SolarWorld. “Respect” in dealing with employees was also given great emphasis at SolarWorld. Thus, occupational safety for example attracted the very good score of 93%. More than 80% of the staff were convinced that they can contribute their skills in an optimum way and praised the positive environment for psychological and emotional well-being. The employees confirmed that their company had a special brand of “fairness”, for example in the fair treatment of both sexes (95%). The SolarWorld employees were also „proud“ of their company: 93% like telling their friends and acquaintances that they work for SolarWorld AG. Also more than 90% of the staff were proud of what is being achieved together and are very happy with the way in which SolarWorld makes a contribution to society. In the fifth dimension – team orientation – SolarWorld also received very good marks from its employees: 94% felt that they were being made very welcome as new employees. More than 88% said it was fun working at SolarWorld and 80% of the employees felt like in a family at SolarWorld and/or sensed a very good team spirit.

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